Voice recognition?

hello all!

I need to know how to do voice recognition with asterisk.
for example same as a background, I say who I want to call and I go to the good exten…

have you any idea?

thank you


Have you looked at digiums site, and searched for voice recognition ? or even google. either of these would have brought up www.lumenvox.com who provide exactly that.

$50 for a single channel developers licence. and I can say personaly that it works well.


Thanks for the comments, Ian.

Asterisk has a very robust speech recognition API that is detailed at http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+Generic+Speech+API

As Ian mentions, LumenVox is tied into this API via a module that Digium wrote and maintains. You can buy it through their site and then download it from LumenVox.com.

We have a simple speech recognition call router on the LumenVox Web site, along with example code for several other Asterisk speech applications in our Asterisk Speech Application Zone.

Stephen Keller
LumenVox Technical Support

I used ASR dialplan CMD !

Perhaps you could be a little less cryptic !

ASR is an interesting solution for small scale internet connected systems but at 0.05 euro per recognised phrase it could get expensive.


Does anyone know about an free speech recognition software?
Ever heard of Tell Me?