With TDM400P hang on sound file playback

Hi All,

With ztdummy all is fine. Add a TDM400P with 1 fxo and 1 fxs and asterisk stops during sound file playback. /proc/zaptel/1 reports the modules in use, ztcfg is happy. Have a few other similarly configured systems that I have painstakingly compared configs to. Have some hours into this.

With the tdm in place outbound calls work fine because asterisk does not have to read sound files.

If I dial into the system asterisk -vvv begins to read the sound file and stops with no audio heard. If I enter digits for an extension anyway, asterisk moves on to reading the next file (transferring to…) and stops, again no audio is heard. Dialing voicemail locally stops on the “comedian mail”. Asterisk and system are still operable, notices disconnect from remote end, picks up next call, etc.

Pull the tdm (comment out appropriate section in zaptel.conf and zapata.conf) ztdummy loads and all is well.

zaptel modules are right out of the latest tar file build except mg2 ec in zconfig.h

Suggestions welcome, will need to bring down another system to pull similar tdm to test. Have done some limited fxo/s module swapping without luck. Similar kernel zaptel, asterisk, tdm configuration runs perfectly elsewhere, nothing special here that I can see.

Thanks, Andy

Just in case someone sees this, I posted my own fix in