Problem with TDM400p with 1 FXO module (UK)

I started off using asterisk with the Asterisk@Home Distro and sucessfully managed to configure it etc to accept calls and put them in a queue with hold music and when the remote caller hangs up so does Channel4 (Zap4 FXO on TDM400p). The problems started when I tried to install it all on Mandrake 10.2LE (All our other company servers are this distro). I managed to install, compile and configure asterisk zaptel and additional addons from scratch and it all runs great no errors!. The only problem is when a remote User puts there phone back on the hook (Hangs up) the zaptel channel stays open and if i connect a phone to the same line I can still hear the Hold music. I am on a normal POTS BT line in the UK.

I eventually want all incomming calls to go into a IVR. Then they will have options such as “Account Balance” which will then connect to our Database and read there account balance over the phone to them.
Any help tips and advice wouldn’t go a miss I dont know where to start :stuck_out_tongue:.



Known issue with the driver not supporting hangup in the uk.

Apparently a fix is in cvs head and will be in asterisk 1.2…