DTMF tones being ignored on TDM410P -Life or death emergency

We have the TDM410P with 2xFXO 2xFXS and the EC module. We also have 2 SIP trunks coming in. Here’s how our phone system is configured:

Caller dials our number, which is our analog line.

Analog -> SIP1 -> SIP2

It automatically hunts to our SIP trunks if the analog line is busy, which is fine. For some reason though, Asterisk is ignoring DTMF tones coming in on the TDM card. This happens after about 3-5 calls. I have to do:

CLI> stop now

#> service zaptel restart

Then restart Asterisk. It doesn’t matter if I load the wctdm24xxp module with vpmdtmfsupport=1 or =0. Both have the issue. Relax DTMF in zapata.conf is set to yes, but has no difference.

To me, it seems that something is getting hung up in the system and the only solution is to restart the zaptel service. Restarting zap in Asterisk does nothing.

What can I do to diagnose and fix this issue? All calls over SIP work fine. I’ll post whatever configuration files you request. Please help as this system goes live very soon.


Please contact Digium support by phone or email.


Ok, will do. I just upgraded to 1.4.2 rc5 and installed the DAHDI drivers as well. We’re going to test tonight and if it happens again we’ll contact you.