Why same files at two different place?

Hello, I need to edit my pjsip and extensions config file but when I checked in my directory I found their same file with the same content at two different places.

  1. /etc/asterisk/
  2. /usr/src/asterisk-16.15.1/configs/basic-pbx/

Actually, I installed asterisk just last week. So it’s quite confusing.

So If I have to change/modify then which directory’s file I should choose.

/src/ as in ‘source.’ This is a common destination to extract files from a tarball. These are the files as distributed by the Asterisk team. This is ‘where you go’ if you want to find ‘virgin’ configuration files or browse through the source (C language) files.

When Asterisk is installed, sample configuration files can be copied to ‘/etc/asterisk/.’ These are the files you should be editing to make changes.

thanks can you please help me in another post which I posted just before this, It’s very urgent to me.


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