Total noob need help with config files

i am a total noob when it comes to CLIs how do i edit my config files. where can i find them i find this part of the documentation lacking.

All config files are in /etc/asterisk/ directory. If you compile from sources or dont use a GUI like freepbx for editing you need a text editor for open and edit your files:

Trunks(digital or analog)----->chan_dahdi.conf or zapata.conf if you use zaptel version
Voicemail for phones----->voicemail.conf
Conference rooms----->meetme.conf

The trunks need an other file to config in /etc/dahdi/system.conf if you use dahdi; or /etc/zaptel.conf if you use Zaptel.

If you build Asterisk from source, you need to do “make samples” in order to have the configuration files installed.

thanks a ton i found that i was able to edit my files effectivly by removeing the hardrive and useing it in a VM