No files in /etc/asterisk

I went through the installation of asterisk on a redhat fedora box and everything seemed to have gone ok… however I am now trying to configure the sip.conf file with some registered users for testing but the /etc/asterisk directory is empty… what could have caused that?..

I believe you need to do a:

make configuration

after the installation step.

Thanks friend… i will give it a try…

You can copy them from /usr/src/asterisk/configs/ but then you’ll need to rename them (remouve .sample from the end).


I also made a mistake, it is:

make config


make configuration

So, if you do a:


make install

make config

You should see the example files in your /etc/asterisk directory.

thanks peeps… I had to copy the sip.conf.sample and extensions.conf.sample from the /etc/src/asterisk/asterisk/config/ and rename them. I registered the users in sip.conf and extensions.conf as per documentation at … phone.html

and i am using the softphone X-lite… I configured that as per … phone.html

I am however not getting connected to the asterisk server. I can ping the IP of the asterisk server…

Any suggestions?..


After installing Asterisk just do:

make samples

After installing Asterisk just do:

make samples[/quote]

I just could not get this one right, you are correct: