Installing Asterisk on a diferent directory

Hello everyone;

We are using Asterisk as gateway to the PSTN. We have already an Asterisk running in this machine but we wanted to upgrade it with a modified version.

Therefore I’d thought I could compile and install it keeping the one that is working now and will be substituted. I’ll be maintaining obviously some config and routing files. I’m not very sure this is the best way of proceeding (tell me if it’s not!) but still, I don’t get to find the way to change the default directories. I wanted just to place this new version somewhere else. My idea was to be able to run both versions and once the new one is working properly forget about the actual one.

Hope you can give me a hand!

Marco Bruni has a quick how-to here:



That helps pretty much!

However, I’d like to leave the one installed where it is, and I don’t want just to create another instance of the same but to install a new one. Where on the source can I find the default directories (or the way to choose them) in order to change them.