Who to contact to purge spam from the forum?

We are getting a lot of tail end spam recently. Given that the first named moderator, muppetmaster, doesn’t seem to have read his PM mailbox since before August (that’s how long I’ve had mail queued to him), who should one contact to expedite the removal of the spam and the banning of its perpetrators?

Honestly not sure. I looked through the administrator list a few days ago and PM’d the two that had signed on in the last week or so, but didn’t get a response.

ther’s more spam here every week, they better set some moderators here. there are many contributers here that wanna help
but hey, they like to run a forum with spam.
maybe they get paid for the adds?

I agree with you. Admins/mods need to spend more of their times to clean the forum from spams.

Bumping this again for relevance. I spent some time today reporting spam posts to be removed. I wonder if anyone will actually see them :\

Now I’m getting Private Message spam from user “bluenet.” Anyone else?

Me too.

Please forward me one of the spam PM’s.

Please forward me one of the spam PM’s.[/quote]

Ick. I deleted the one I got, perhaps david55 can forward you his.

I got some, thanks.