Where is the Moderator

A few days ago I saw some idiot marketing people had posted up a bunch of ads for Viagra pills in the Asterisk forum. Then I saw someone posted a message complaining about the lax efforts of the moderators to keep crap like this out of out forums. But what those idiot sales people did yesterday and today is intolerable. There must be at least 100 posts you have to wad through just to get to the real Asterisk posts from yesterday that actually have anything to do with this forum. But what’s even worse is where are the moderators? And why do they allow this kind of thing to happen. Surely there must be some way to keep these clowns from flooding the forum with this crap advertising. And surely there must be somebody who can clean out all this crap so we user of the forum can get back to supporting our real interests here.

And dont tell me to stop calling you Surely…! :smiley:

The forums got hit hard with thousands of spam posts. I know myself and others have deleted hundreds of posts if not more but there were just too many posts to delete and the spam just kept coming. As you see yesterday we were able to clean most of it up after developing a utility to make it much easier. We are still in the process of upgrading the forum software which should prevent almost all spam.