I have a question, plz look

I have a question - how to attach picture? I have some nice ones…

I know easy way to WIN MONEY online!!!

Attach a picture to what?

he’s a spammer, ignore him.

mods: i believe phpBB has an anti-spammer filter available for new user registrations - any way you could enable that to help prevent crap like this?

just a thought…

Yeah I have been noticing the spamming too lately. It is pi$%#% me off, would really like to be able to delete post like this when I see them.

the spam on here is really starting to frost my apricots. heck, there are even some forums that don’t have a moderator, easy target for spammers as the site admin is very rarely seen.

i’m away for a week now, it would be nice to come back and find a regular or two promoted to mods to keep this lot at bay.

I second that!

I hate spammers… if there is a position i volunteer for it. I would love nothing more than to be able to delete this crap and ban the account… :\