Is there another asterisk forum not full of spam?

Is there another forum anywhere for asterisk users to discuss issues besides this one that isn’t just full of spam posts?



Basicly the Mods arnt doing their Jobs at the Weekends and the Spammers know that.

All the spam will be gone by tomorrow, But yes its a pain that they do it.
Being a admin for another Voip forum I know how much work is involved in stopping the spammers.


Thanks. I run a forums also and have spammer issues so I understand but it seems especially bad here. I had to go to authenticating users before allowing them to post. Its alot more work for me but better for the community.


I run the Dutch asterisk forum. Before members can add messages to the forum they have to send me an sms with user name. after that I activate the account. I was forced to do this because it cost me lots of time to get rid of all the advertisements that has nothing to do with voip or asterisk. Since I ask them to send me an sms I don’t have to waste my time with erasing spam on the forum.