Who and How many Asterisk installations worldwide?

Does anyone have any idea how many Asterisk installations there are worldwide?

I guess that’s impossible to know, if one takes into account all of the home and SOHO installations, so it would be useful if I could collect some guesses as to how many there may be that support more than, say, 100 users, how many support 1000 or more users, and also the names of some of the better-known companies that use Asterisk in their daily lives.

I’m still working on my pro-bono project and the nonprofit’s IT person is still concerned about the open-source aspects of Asterisk and Linux, so if I can show him that there are XX thousand installations out there including AAA, BBB, and CCC (well-known names), that will help.


I have deployed Asterisk here in St. Louis, MO at a highschool.

We have close to 90 polycom phones and a 14channel PRI line.

We use Call Queus and extensive dialplan and automated attendance. I currently just setup a bell scheduling system that will work through the polycom phones.

Deploying an Asterisk solution we were able to save close to $55K !!

This may help some:

digium.com/en/asteriskbusine … Industries

400 seat call center, moved from Televantage to Asterisk. saved over $750,000 in licensing costs the first year, had quotes for an equivalent system that ran between 1.5 and 3 million US $.

entire asterisk rollout (including new machines and all incidentals) was under $100,000.