Asterisk Enterprise References

Digium ran the campaign highlighted below to create a set of case studies that will benefit the entire community by providing references on the viability of Asterisk in production environments. As Asterisk grows in popularity there is a ground swell of interest, but skepticism still exists. Reducing the perceived risk profile of leveraging Asterisk is key to accelerating adoption and growth of the surrounding industry. Case Studies and references are a great way to work through such issues.

I would like to use this thread and ask anyone who has implemented Asterisk in an enterprise, for any application (PBX, voicemail, IVR, Contact Center, Helpdesk, SFA, etc), to post what they have done here and how the experience was. Things you might include would be:

  • Your industry (and company if appropriate)
  • Application Description
  • Environment deployed (ie - PBX/ACD integration, softphone/hardphone, desktop if CTI involved, etc)
  • Rollout timeframes
  • Number of users
  • Strengths/weaknesses encountered
  • Future expansion plans
  • Indicate if you would be willing to have a case study write-up, take reference calls/visits
  • etc

While the bounty may have expired, it is still in all of our interest to ensure this information is collected and documented where we may all have access to it.

[quote=“SineApps”]Digium has posted a request for case studies:

Digium is seeking customer success stories. If you have a nominee, you could win a prize of up to $1000 cash or $2000 in Digium hardware. Digium would like to contact these customers for possible use as references for press quotes and case studies. Depending on the customer and the Asterisk implementation, we will award a prize of up to $2000 in hardware or $1000 in cash. If you have any questions or would like more information concerning this contest, please contact ‘contest @’ Submission deadline is Wednesday December 14th!

Here is a link to the case-study I gave at Astricon this year about our multi-site installation of Asterisk: … _2005.html

I didn’t submit this to Digium because I mention the “S” word in there so I know they wouldn’t use it, but it is still a valid case-study of Asterisk usage in a multi-site inbound/outbound call center with over 200 seats.

A Local Religeous Institution approached requesting a solution to replace their Meridian1 system that they had outgrown and also could not afford to maintain.

Inventigo built the following:

Dual Opteron Server powered by Tyan board.
Sangoma 104u PRI card
Sangoma A202O Analog Card
2 ISDN 30 (EuroISDN)

The Institution also raises funds for charitable purposes around the world, and need a facility to have upto 100 Handsets for operators to take donations manually.

Inventigo also built an IVR system to take Credit and Debit card payments through an Automated process right through to authorization and SMS response to thank the caller for their donation.

The Institution also has “Sister” Institutions located around the world and needed to be able to be able to have a cost saving on calls to these Institutions, either by peering to their Asterisk systems.

Also masive savings on Mobile Phone calls were made through routing mobile calls through the Inventigo Asterisk Cluster.