Which software do I use?

I am totaly lost, I spent a lot of time in this forum trying to understand the basic features of Asterix…

Any help is trully highly apreciated.

I have 5no. SPA3102 linksys and I also have 5 accounts with voxalot.

  • I can directly call any of my SPAs whererver i am in the word for free, by just dialing the voxalot number…
    I want to implement Asterix to be independent of Voxalot or any other free service like fwd, etc…, I have a Windows desktop PC which is always connected to the internet and can be dedicated it for Asterix…

my question is very basic and simple to take off:

1- What do i need to use? Asterisk 1.2.18? Asterisk 1.4.4 ? AsteriskNOW Beta 5? Asterix@home? they are many!! :open_mouth:
2- where can I start reading? as i mentioned above, I only need to use it ro call ATA to ATA? I hope that it is not very complicated…

Thanks in advance,

[quote=“Nakkoush”]I hope that it is not very complicated…

No, it’s not - provided you reverse the order of the questions. Reading the free O’Reilly book (mentioned in the sticky) would be a very good start. Since you use a Windows machine, download a VMWare player and a TrixBox “VM appliance” (both free) could help somewhat - but not while you are reading the book - read AsteriskHome user’s manual instead. (Also in the sticky.) If you are very unfamiliar with Linux, you would start by reading about (and playing around) Linux first.

Try to refere asteriskguru.org , it has tons of information related to asterisk pbx.


Thanks mates for your time, i will start reading and post back later :wink: