Which business handset?

I’ve been testing moving over to an Asterisk setup for the office using softphones and the time has come to purchase a handset to test. I’ve only got pretty simple requirements: 4 lines, call hold, transfer, group pickup, speaker phone, a built-in switch and maybe PoE, I’m just not sure what to get.

I think pretty much anything on voipshop.com.au is suitable I’m just wondering what other peoples experiences with business handsets has been, especially when it comes to Asterisk interoperability?


And the Million Dollar question.

whats yiyr Budget?


AU$300 at the most. If there were compelling reasons to spend more then that would be ok.

I have not tried group pickup, but for everythign else you mentioned and any phone I"ve seen the PolyCom SoundPoint IP (SIP) phones are amazing. BOth in quality and managability.
the 601 I have and has 6 lines + all the features you mentioned (Again though have not tried group pickup) They also have lower end models but they have 3 or less lines. so the 601 or better you’ll need for your 4+ lines requirements.


What about the Grandstream GXP2000? They seem to have a lot of features and aren’t nearly as expensive as the Polycom?