Recommendations for new asterisk install

I manage a small business and we are currently on a completely analog phone system that is at its capacity, and we need to add more phones, instead of upgrading our analog phone system to accept more phones i would like to convert to Asterisk and run a complete VoiP system, but we are not looking to spend to much. I have 4 analog lines coming in that i would like to retain. But i am looking for at least 6 VoiP phones, so i was looking at TDM400P to accept all of my 4 lines, i am just looking for recommendations as to the phones to purchase to give me reliability while on the cheap,

Thanks in advance, any advice greatly appreciated.

I have had really good luck with the Polycom IP430’s. They are not the cheapest phone out there but the device quality and the voice quality are hard to beat.

I have a few Grandstream phones. One of them, a GX2000 is not a bad phone for only $100. They even lowered the price recently to $69. But when I compare the low budget phones to the higher priced ones (>$200) the sound makes all the difference in getting the users to readily accept VOIP.

For an office environment you will want the higher-end phones to avoid dealing with user issues, But if costs is everything then I suggest you try the GX2000 when you are building and testing your new * server. If it seems okay for your situation then go for it. Otherwise, pay more for the phones you will have the least transitional difficulties with.

The GXP2000 is a horrible phone and I would stay far away from it. On another note I have had customers that try to go the cheapest route and it always comes to haunt them. Just remember you get what you pay for.

For phones I would go with SNOM or Polycom or Sipura (aka Linksys).

snom 300 320 , very nice models, blf support native, easy to setup, looking not like a cheap piece of plastic, great quality of sound. Using them no problems at all.

Another vote for Snom phones :smile: .


Marco Bruni