Which are the recommended IP Phones to be used with Asterisk?

Hello All;

Please I need advise on which IP Phones (Sangoma, Polycom, Grandstream) that can work fine with asterisk (support conference, call forward and fast dial buttons)? The sound quality (crystal) is very important.

I am using asterisk version 13.38.2-vici which is vicidial version.


Almost any SIP, IAX, or even H.323 phone is suitable for Asterisk. The only ones really to avoid are ones primarily designed for a specific system.

Asterisk is a toolkit, so doesn’t have a standard set of user features against which phones can be judged. The PSTN, mobile networks, and remote parties configuring VoIP for minimum data bandwidth, together with the networks that connect them together, are likely to be the main limiters of voice quality.

As sound quality: Polycom or Sangoma?
I tried Digium previously and it was not good.
Also, Polycom 3XX series was having a problem that the ring volume is not hearable well if the volume is average, we have to increase it for maximum to be able to hear the ring good. I do not know if the new 3XX series resolved this problem or if I have to go for 4XX series to overcome this problem. Hopefully u have idea about this.
Sangoma, I did not try it, so I do not know its voice quality and if the ring volume is enough high to hear it if the volume in the middle (default volume range should have very good ring volume and hearable special if the office is noise).

Appreciate the kindly help and advise.

I checked Sangoma website for the IP Phones, actually I did not find a place to download the firmware for the phones. This one of the important thing for support.


Google says: P3XX Firmware - Phones - Documentation

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