IP phone recommendations?

I’m working on a plan for an Asterisk setup at my home, which will be replacing 4 Vonage lines. An HT-502 ATA is on the way that will cover the main personal phone line and the fax machine, but for my home office I’m looking for a decent SIP phone.

Currently, my eye is on the Grandstream GXP-2000 for a few reasons:

  • Mostly good reviews, and there have been firmware updates since the last bad ones that hopefully fix those problems
  • It’s the right size to fit on my desk
  • I like the fact that the display tilts up for easy viewing from the desk chair
  • …and the fact that it’s backlit
  • Inexpensive

The only shortcoming for me is the number of speed dial locations… I have the feeling that I might outgrow 7 at some point, and there’s no room on the desk for the extender that can connect to it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for phones that have all of those positives going for it, but with a little more room on the speed dial front? I could build something into the dialplan for that but, if I’m going to have to look up the speed dial index and enter it, I may as well just dial the full number.

If it comes to it, I can live with the speed dial limitations, but if that ideal phone exists I’d be interested in hearing about it :smile:

Not so much of a big deal now… just saw the documentation for the XML phonebook download in recent firmware versions, which should help a lot in that regard.

I would stay away from Grandstream. It has caused me many head aches. If you are looking for a good low budget phone try Aastra, Snom or Linksys.