Which API should I use


I’m very new to Asterisk :slight_smile:
My first job related to an Asterisk server, is to develop a small planning system.

Customers get a letter send via mail with proposed date for an appointment.
This letter also contains a random identification number.
If the customer is not at home that day, he can call a phone number and gets an automatic planning system to shift his appointment 1, 2, or 3 days forwards. (and he can choose AM/PM).

I was wondering which of the 3 API’s I should use.
For now I am experimenting with the ARI. I can connect, answer calls, play sounds and catch DTMF input.
I think this is everying I need. And a nice C# library is provided. Is this the best option I have for this project?

Second question is: Is it possible to use Text To Speech with ARI?

I am using Asterisk 13 (FreePBX).


ARI would work fine for that case. As for text to speech there is currently no support in ARI for it, and any future support would also require an external solution which actually does the text to speech.

Thanks for you reply!

Due to your confirmation I am going to do this project with the ARI interface.
I also saw that the C# Asternet AGI library is not recently maintained, is it kind of deprecated because of the ARI possiblities? Or is it still heavily used in new projects?

Regards Jason

That is a project outside of Asterisk so I can’t speak on it, but it is still maintained and the creator @skrusty is present on here.

It’s still maintained, but there is just very little that’s needed to be done on the current version. Most of my time is spent on developing the ARI side of things these days.

AsterNET’s support for AMI and FastAGI is very good and used in production by a lot of large companies, so if you wanted to go down that route, you’d be in good company.

For some, this is (FastAGI) is still a better option due to exec support for doing TTS and ASR. However, personally I feel you have more control with ARI.

Anyway, you decide what route is best for you :slight_smile:

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