ARI connection to service provider

I’m new to Asterisk and have zero idea about it. But I have learned that I can use ARI to connect to my VoIP service provider and integrate it to erpnext for CRM purposes.

Please guide me on how to configure ARI to connect to my provider(BSNL Wings). I’m a total beginner and documentation isn’t really understandable to me.

ARI isn’t something you configure really, ARI is a programming interface to allow people to write telephony applications using the power of Asterisk. For example you could use ARI to write your own call queueing application.

Learn how to use Asterisk with dialplans before considering ARI. ARI seems to be attracting a lot of use because it is new, and therefore fashionable, when more traditional methods may be better.

Thank you for the quick response. I will try to learn the basics before jumping onto ARI. :slight_smile:

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