Whether digium & Astensk support dynamic DNS

Hi all
I don’t know digium’s product can use ADSL (dynamic DNS) for voip or not ?


it depends. if you’re having your * box register with a provider, and you use IAX, it is not a problem. if you want to use IAX trunking with a provider, that’s a problem…

I’m sorry, I’m newbie, Can you tell me more clear. IAX is what.


IAX is the protocol invented for asterisk. it’s MUCH more NAT friendly than SIP, since all traffic goes through one UDP port. get a basic book on asterisk and a lot of this will be much clearer…

If I use Sip not IAX, it depend on what thing

SIP requires SIP packets (one set of ports) for the control packets, the actual VOIP travel in RTP packets which require a ton of ports to be opened. Other complications too.

I mean If I use Sip not IAX, So can I use Digium’product with Dynamic DNS. Anh If one point I use Digium’product and other point I use other’ product .Whether they have compatible with other