IAX2 and sip providers

Currently I have anveo as a service provider and it work great with pjsip
now im testing and connecting my endpoint clients via iax2
its not working, am i missing something?

Does my provider explicitly have to be a iax2 provider?

Are you registering endpoints to Asterisk using IAX2 ?

If yes : where it is provider involved on this ?

Also you remote peers need to use the same protocol for any communication process

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Yes, I have endpoints registering to Asterisk via IAX2

Didnt Work:
There is a provider called Anveo that im using.
I setup iax.conf with the right syntax, but it didnt work when I try to call via dialplan with the following…
then I thought maybe I cant do that if the provider only connect via "SIP and not “IAX”

How I got it to work: PJSIP + IAX:
I configured pjsip.conf with Anveo information again
while my endpoint is IAX2, I can still call via dialplan with the following…
Is this best practice? It kind of weird to me to use two technology instead of one?

I prefer to only use IAX only but Anveo wont connect for some reason when I try to configure it inside iax.conf.
Am I doing something wrong? Or is the technology (SIP/IAX) dependent on the provider?
This is what I had but it didnt work in iax.conf when I try to call Dial(IAX2/secret@anveo,30,Fg)

Error: Keep saying timeout or congested, but when i connect it via pjsip it works fine???

The provider has to support IAX2, it is not the same as SIP. As for using IAX2 into Asterisk and then SIP to the provider, nope - that’s perfectly normal. Asterisk was designed to allow such things.


If my provider only provide SIP and I want my IAX2 Client to call out.
Do I still need to allow UDP port 10,000-20,000 and UDP/TCP 5060?
or can I only allow 4569 UDP?

You need to make sure the rtp traffic and the signaling port (5060) can be accesible from your carrier side, if clients are connecting from an external network you need to allow traffic to the 4569 IAX2 port also

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Lets say my clients are remote location and connecting to me only via IAX and white listed specifically for port 4569

But I allow my server to communicate to my sip providers via 5060 10,000-20,000.

Will IAX encapsulate audio from SIP(many ports) to iax(one port) or will i need to allow my IAX client to have port 5060 and 10,000-20,000

will this work?

Iax is both signaling and audio on port 4569.

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