Asterisk server without static ip

i am installed asterisk@home 1.3 on my intel mechine and i dont have a router and static real ip, i have adsl connection with speedtouch modem , so Asterisk server i can connect only through 8 port linksys switch, how i can make calls from out side using xlite … have any idea

  1. Sign up for a dynamic DNS service like
  2. Use port forwarding on the router to forward the necessary ports to your Asterisk server (which ports you need to forward will depend on what protocol you want to use).

i use it’s free and they have a linux client that will update your record dynamicly

Thanks bros… i will try that

i have 4 computers on my network 3 winxp one Asterisk@home, i have 128kbps Adsl connection with speedtouch usb adsl modem, i am not using router, and i am connecting through one of my xp mechine i am doing internet connection sharing to all other mechines, in this case what i will do, dns will not help to my situations…

if you are networking three machines move away from using xp as your router/firewall, a linksys router cost just about 50 bucks american. and it will sounds like it will be worth it. If you can’t spare the 50 bucks turn put your linux box as the gateway and firwall for your network.

u know i am from saudi arabia my office is SOHO and here we i couldnt find digium card and intel x100p what i will do …if i am purchasing online from us i have to pay 90 $ for shipment

you don’t need the digium card if you want a pure voip solution. …

how then can you explain …

the only reason you need a fxo(s) card it to connect a “regular” phone line to the box or connect a “regular” phone to the system. If you are using just softphones (or have a ata adapter) and a VoIP provider then everything is Voice over IP. But if you want to plug your “regular” phone into your system then you need an fxs card. If you want to plug your “regular” incoming line into your system then you need an fxo card.

does this help any?

this i have idea and thanks for your reply so i am trying to get x100p modem its cheaper for testing …