Where's the "comedian mail" gsm/wav?

Well this may be a REAAAAAAAAALLY stupid question, but between vm-.gsm, /etc/asterisk/ config files, omedian in ./sounds, and in general trying to find out where the hell the 'Comedian Mail!" VoicemailMain waveform is being played from… I simply cannot find it!

While I appreciate the personal touches, I very much need to get our organization-specific voicemailmain greeting installed today if possible. Is it somewhere in the source, hidden somewhere else, or am I just a big dummy for not seeing it in it’s obvious location in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/* ?

Would greatly appreciate a heads up on this one ASAP! I’ve got the woman with the sweetest voice in the company propped in front of the neumann gold condensor snaking via a Mackie preamp on the 1604VLZ headed into the MOTU sound interface into SoundForge8… (albeit to be smushed to 8khZ, enunciation is everything, no making fun of the mic :wink:… all setup and the last wav I simply cannot find!

Pretty pretty please where is the ‘comedian mail’ waveform ??

BTW, I’m having more fun with Asterisk than I’ve had with music production OR general network/routing/security/unix hacking in the last 5 years… love it!!!
just need to clear up this detail…
Thanks :smile: :smile:

guess I was just tired…


/me slinks away hoping thread quickly disappears