Where to set the ringback tone?

There are so many ringback tones that I am confused.

I have two asterisks set up on two Raspberry Pi’s. One is v13.20.0 and the other is v13.21.0, and both have a similar extension as follows:

 exten = 8888,1,Answer(1200)
 exten = 8888,n,Playback(pleasehold)
 exten = 8888,n,Dial(SIP/8001&SIP/8002,20,m)

A caller to the v13.20.0 system will hear a “classic” drew drew ringback tone when the third line is executed. A caller to the v13.21.0 system hears a musical melody. Where is this ringback tone configured?


V13.21.0 is working as expected. That’s what the m option on Dial does. I’m not sure why the previous version was broken. Maybe it got confused, because use & will stop Asterisk forwarding early media from the B side, and it somehow fell foul of the logic that implements that rule.

Please note that, if you Answer an incoming PSTN call, the caller will get charged for the call, at least in the EU. Answering just to say Please Hold is a waste of the caller’s money.

The drew drew is specified in indications.conf. The music in musiconhold.conf. The former is modified by language settings and the latter by musiconhold settings in various places.

If you don’t answer, a SIP phone or the PSTN will generate its own ringback tone.

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You could use early-media to saying anything to caller without answering the call. Like ‘the subsriber is not present now, please call later’ or everything else. But not everyone operators are support this

Most network operators will not support early media from organisation that are not, themselves, network operators, because would allow people to make free calls to information services.

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