Where can I see the calls,except from the console?


I have installed Asterisk and for testing I have 2 IP Phones in the netwotk.In my extensions.conf I have configure it only for internal calls,just to try if it works correctly,and it is :smile:
My question is,is there any way to see the calls that the two IP Phones make,except from the CLI console?
And also,can I pass through the calls in the database?
If the first phone calls the other and the second ,will not answer,can I see this call or not?If yes,how?



There is the manager interface- search voip-info for it
it allows you or an application to connect via telnet and get access to the inner workings of *, including seeing all call progress.

CDR should record the call anyway regardless of wether it was answered. again search the wiki, you can set * to record CDR to a database.

The best for seeing whats going on, is Gastman. Its a bit querky but good to see whats happening.