How to monitor calls for training & quality

Running Asterisk 1.2.4 - What is available for monitoring calls?
Our customer service manager (small call center - 20 agents) wants to be able to monitor calls (inbound or out) at random from her desk.
We have Polycom 501 phones (SIP) and also have the “Y” connectors for training. But it isn’t always convenient for her to sit down next to the agent…

Is there an application, module, third party (commercial or freeware) package available (or even built in) that can provide:

  • GUI interface for manager to see live status of call center activity
  • Listen to calls in progress
  • Record calls
  • Ability to join conversation
  • Call statistics (number of calls, time on hold, currently in queue, etc.)

I’ve done a little searching and asking around, but haven’t found much.
I am hoping that some kind soul can point me in the right direction, without flaming my (lazy/stupid/newbie) bottom…


OK, so 111 views, and no replies.

Is that because there are over 100 other unfortunate admins who are also searching and the solution does not exist?

Or is it because my original post was so poorly written that it does not deserve a response?

Surely, there must be something available out there…


Check with Asteria Solutions Group, 256 705 0277 and ask for Dave or Kim.

Asteria might have what you are looking for as call centers is a speciallty there.

disclaimer I work for asteria in a different group