Access call information before it ends

hey there!
ive read a lot about AGI, but im kinda new on this, so i havent figured out how to make this happen.
I want to access call information, before it ends. Kinda like what the cdr gives you, but while the call is still going. Is this possible? Can i get where did certain extension call before tha hang up? how?

you don’t say what you want to do, or what information you’re trying to access, but it sounds more like you want to use the manager interface rather than the AGI interface. give us some more info and perhaps we can help more.

sorry for that crappy description!
I want to get the calling extension and the dialed number, so that i can display it on a webpage while the call is taking place…
is this possible?

have you looked at FOP ? it might just save you a heap of work !

the wiki is your friend !!

Use the CLI promt to show the channel