Where can I find/use the aelparse to check my dialplan


I’m trying to check my dialplan (extension.ael) with aelparse command before to let Asterisk use it.
I’m using Asterisk version 1.8 on Debian 6.0.

The doc says : “aelparse is compiled in the utils directory of the asterisk release. It isn’t installed anywhere (yet). You can copy it to your favorite spot in your PATH.”.

But there is no “aelparse” there. What file should I copy ?
In previous version of asterisk I could use it, so I don’t understand what’s going on ?
What should I do in order to be able to use this parser ? What file should I copy ?

Many Thanks for your help

Did You check, that aelparse was compiled when building asterisk? (AFAIK in 1.8.x it’s not compiled by default, just check with make menuconfig)

I suspect he’s using a binary package, in which case he needs to contact the packager.

Hello there,
Thanks a lot for your valuable answer.

Indeed I missed this change in version 1.8 where I need to check the aelparser in make menuconfig".
I’m playing with Asterisk on Debian 6.0.
Btw, never use a Debian (or Ubuntu) depository to install Asterisk or this will lead to problems. The correct way to install it is to follow the Asterisk Guide (“The Definitive Guide”).

Many Thanks