Why is Asterisk using AEL?

Hi, I just downloaded Asterisk and installed it through the package manager in Ubuntu 8.04. I downloaded and have been reading the Asterisk book from the website. It tells you how to configure asterisk through the extensions.conf file, but as I follow it’s instructions, i see that making changes to this file do nothing. I have found out (from the logs) that this file is not being loaded, instead, extensions.ael is being loaded. i have no idea how to configure this file, and it is not covered in the book. How can I set Asterisk back to using the extensions.conf file instead of extentions.ael?

[color=red][b]I could not find out how to delete this post, but my problem is solved. For those who have a similar problem, open the “modules.conf” file and add “noload => pbx_ael.so” near the end of the file, between the “;” characters. Shut down Asterisk and then turn it back on. Asterisk will now configure the dialplan from the “extensions.conf” file instead of “extensions.ael”

Because I want to be through and describe exactly what I did, rename “extensions.ael” to “extensions.ael.sample” before making any of the other changes. This should ensure the effectiveness of this solution. [/b][/color]