Binary distributions to use with existing AEL dialplan?

We have a legacy Asterisk installation with the dialplan written in AEL. It’s working pretty well, but it’s on Asterisk 13.1.x shipped with Ubuntu 16.04
We’re looking to upgrade, but not keen on the Ubuntu packaging of Asterisk: the default configuration shipped with the packages is completely broken and generates gigabytes of log files per day. But I did manage to generate a minimal config to work with our AEL when upgrading from an even older installation, so hopefully most of that would work with a newer version of Asterisk.
I’m disappointed to note that Ubuntu 22.04 will ship with Asterisk 16.16.x and not 18.x – another reason I don’t really want to stay with Ubuntu.

Any suggestions for a binary distribution of Asterisk to which I can apply our exisitng AEL dialplan?

Or should I just live with Ubuntu? I can always upgrade again in a few years if it turns out relatively pain-free.

I’d bite the bullet and compile from source. It’s really not that onerous.

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