When is G.729 license needed?

Are there any circumstances under which is not needed to pay g.729 license?
License should be paid for encoding and decoding g.729 coded signal?
So for example if I use 2 SIP User agents (e.g. ATAs) that are registered on Asterisk and they use g.729 codec Asterisk does not do encoding(decoding). All encoding is done on ATAs sides and their manufacturer pay licensing.
If I would use Asterisk IVR or Voicemail than Asterisk would do g.729 encoding(decoding) and I would need some g.729 licenses.

This is what I am thinking so please post your opinion and tell me if iI am wrong.

Thank you

In fact I think there is an answer:
voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … +pass-thru