Number of G.729 lic needed

So I have this.

ITSP -> Asterisk -> Cisco 7940g

I have one g.729 lic and I have a feeling I need to one for each “->” or channel. When I only allow=g.729 I only get one way audio. When I allow=all I get both sides. I was under the impression I only needed one lic for on call but after doing some reading I am starting to differentiate one channel as one “leg” of the call. Is that the case?



You need one licence for every time you transcode a channel to G729.


To clarify what Ian said, you will need 1 license for each channel that asterisk has to perform transcoding on. That being said, if both parties are using G.729, asterisk will do pass-thru via the Packet2Packet bridging and won’t need to do any transcoding, thus won’t use or require any licensing.

However, if 1 leg is G.711 and another is G.729 it will need to decode and encode the stream to allow two way audio. Other things which will require a license:

  • play files not in .g729 format
  • recording
  • VoiceMail system
  • monitoring

There are lots of other scenarios, but those are the most common.

Thanks All that is kind of what I figured but the voip-info wiki explained it a bit difficultly