When giving Outbound CID as a Name it showing unknown number for receivers


When ever I Enter the name in Extension number Outbound CID column it showing unknown number for receivers.

Please Suggest Me.

Have you checked with your PSTN provider that you are allowed to send the caller-id you are specifying? It may be that you are trying to send a number your provider is not allowing you to use, many providers limit outbound caller id to numbers that are ported to them to reduce fraud.

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your reply.

When Outbound CID Column is empty for Extension Numbers it is showing our board Number for all extensions is fine. But when I enter the Name (Name of the User who is using particular extension) in Outbound CID column it is showing unknown number for receivers who is receiving calls.

Please find the attachment. In attached image i removed Name in Outbound CID column(which is hilighted in red color).

I have no idea what you are looking at, Asterisk does not come with a GUI.

If you are using a product based on Asterisk you should contact your vendor for support.

Dear Sir,

That interface is FreePBX.

Community support for FreePBX is provided at https://community.freepbx.org/

you shall not use name where a number is to be

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