How to change the displayed outgoing phone number?

Hi all,
I have installed an Asterisk with FreePBX server to a client.
That client told me that when they do a outgoing call the receiver doesn’t see their real number. Instead of this the receiver of that call see the number “51562XXXX”.
I would like to change the displayed number to another one like "93 334 66 77"
I have been testing at Outgoing Routes --> Route CID but i couldn’t change the number.
Can someone help me please?
Thanks a lot.

  1. arrange with your PSTN service provider to permit you to present the number range that you want to. Responsible service providers will require proof that you own those numbers.

  2. Use the CALLERID function, in the dialplan, to set the number, or set it on the incoming line with sip.conf.

I can’t help with getting item (2) past GUIs.

This assumes that you are not using fromuser to authenticate. If you are, you will need to enable Remote Party ID, and your service provider will need to trust it.

If you are using Agi then

Call comes with number = “XXXXXXXXXXXX”

$objAgi->set_callerid( ‘YYYYYYYYYYYY’ );

It will overwrite or you can use SetCallerID command

I hope it helps you!