When a queue member answers, the other members will not ring

Hi, my queues.conf;

leavewhenempty = strict

[inside](queue_template);Inside queue
member => SIP/mac00mac001
member => SIP/mac00mac002

Here is my script;
1- two calls come to the queue in turn
2- if a queue member answered the call, the other queue member’s phone should not ring. The next caller will wait for that call to end.
How can I do that? Thanks for reply.

If the queue members are the agents that answer (customer) calls, then I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve. I’d use a DIAL group and check the state upfront, to check whether the group should ring.

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; AutoFill Behavior
; The old behavior of the queue (autofill=no) is to have a serial type behavior
; in that the queue will make all waiting callers wait in the queue
; even if there is more than one available member ready to take
; calls until the head caller is connected with the member they
; were trying to get to. The next waiting caller in line then
; becomes the head caller, and they are then connected with the
; next available member and all available members and waiting callers
; waits while this happens. The new behavior, enabled by setting
; autofill=yes makes sure that when the waiting callers are connecting
; with available members in a parallel fashion until there are
; no more available members or no more waiting callers. This is
; probably more along the lines of how a queue should work and
; in most cases, you will want to enable this behavior. If you
; do not specify or comment out this option, it will default to yes.
;autofill = no

This is not my solution. I want to even if I have 10 queue members, other members will not ring if only 1 of them is on a call.

If none of you queue settings works for you, Create your own dialing rules based on device state

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