What's the final word on Dialogic support?

Can some authoritative (or just opinionated) person please summarize the status of Dialogic support by Asterisk (both current and planned)?

I am sure a lot of readers will appreciate a clear roadmap on this issue.

The Dialogic board has been the worldwide standard, almost a de facto monopoly, really. Many of us have a lot of those boards, and the associated resources, such as experience, know how, etc.

So, what’s the plan? Are we supposed to slowly forget everything we ever knew about Dialogic and toss the boards in the nearest river?

I have read several worrisome postings, something about having to pay $15 for every channel? To whom? (certainly not to Intel).

The fact that Dialogic related postings remain unanswered are also a source of worry to me, and I am sure to other potential Asterisk developers and implementors.

-Ramon F Herrera

I found a partial answer to my question. I am indeed very satisfied after seeing here:


that the newer Dialogic boards are suppoted by Asterisk.

However, I still would like to hear a clarification to the (hopefully obsolete) $15-per-channel licensing issue.


For what it is worth… I think that there is something fishy going on with regsrad to all this older Dialogic stuff… I get the impression that Dialogic influenced some pwople at Asterisk to keep the Dialogic Line Drivers proprietary… The last srtickle I read made this same alligation, but was never answerred. I whish some one would just answer the question.