Anyone using Dialogic boards?

In the list of supported hardware, I found out that the JCT family of Dialogic boards are supported.

Since I have been using Dialogic for years, and I have nothing but praise for their quality and performance, I decided to order a D/41JCT-LS which should arrive in the next few days. The plan is to experiment a little, and then order a more appropriate for production digital board (D/240JCT).

Is there anyone using Dialogic? What about this rummor about having to pay on a per-channel basis?



I believe this is a separate issue from use of Dialogic boards; the only thing that I’m aware of in * that requires pay-per-channel is the proprietary g729 codec from Digium. While most hardphones have this codec baked in, you will still need to license the codec from Digium if you plan on connecting through *. You should have one license for each simultaneous channel that will be bridged through *. I should point out that use of g729 is completely optional - I get by just fine using g711u.