What's the best IAX Hardphones to use


I would like to know what’s your recommendation for the best IAX hardphone to use. Basically on my research I found out that the Aastra 480i is quite good but it seems it only supports SIP… Please correct my understanding. If I’m using IAX to connect 2 asterisk servers on different locations, do I have to use IAX phone as well? or will Aastra 480i do the trick? Please explain any pitfalls/disadvantages and any recommendation you might have…

Thanks in advance!

the aastra will work fine. You don’t have to use the exact same protocol everywhere, you can mix and match. that will result in something like this:

(SIPhardphone) <–sip–> (Asterisk1) <–iax–> (Asterisk2) <–sip–> (SIPhardphone)

The main thing you will get by using all IAX phones is that theoretically if the phones have public IPs they can ‘reinvite’ to each other so the voice data goes directly from one phone to the other without passing through the two * boxes. Since you probably have NAT, this wouldn’t really be a gain.

i would suggest find the best phone for your business and your users, and use that. AAstra phones rock, SNOM is awesome too, Cisco is a PITA to configure or upgrade at times, Grandstream is cheap but works decently well (centralized configs are a pain tho), Polycom is also decent.

IronHelix, your the man! thanks for always helping out