IAX Hardphones.... Cannot Find?

OK, I cannot find a single budget phone that explicitly states support for IAX2

They all say SIP2.0, TCP/IP, H323, etc. but not IAX2

Does any phone that supports SIP support IAX2? I wouldn’t think so… :wink:

Please help…

No, most phones that support SIP don’t support iax2.

Look here for a (probably not complete) list of hardphones:

voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … s#id275060


Am I making a mistake? I really am beginning to think that I should use SIP and not IAX

IAX handles some things better than sip such as NAT I am not for sure if anyone has incorporated it into a phone yet mostly ATA devices and some VOIP carriers are starting support for it
for a comarison between the 2 look here

voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … versus+SIP

We offer an IAX2 IP Phone for $195. It is a basic LCD speakerphone model with alaw, ulaw, ilbc, g729, g723.1, gsm codec support.

Volume prices can be worked out for order qty 10 and above.

There may be advantages to using an IAX phone rather than a SIP one, but in my opinion any advantages are outweighed by the much wider range of SIP phones available - and therefore the possibility of getting a phone more cheaply and easily.

It depends on exactly how you’re intending to use the phones, but i can’t see any real advantage of IAX over SIP in situations where you’re using the phones with an internal asterisk box, over a LAN.

I am looking at using IAX2 over a WAN has anyone seen any products released since this thread was started?

Atcom claim their AT-320 supports IAX2 & iLBC…


The AT-320 (and other phones based on the PA-168 chipset) can run IAX. I briefly tested it, but decided to use SIP since I have several types of hardphones, and I wanted to keep things simpler. Furthermore, I found the AT-320’s DSP to be less than optimal for business use.

With the AT-320, you can specify when you order which firmware to put on (SIP/IAX/MGCP/H323), and you can change whenever you want, essentially, by flashing new firmware on to the phone. The firmware is available for free download here: http://www.aredfox.com/edownloadspro.htm

(edit) I bought my AT-320 from http://iaxtalk.com/, but there are two or three other online sources that I found. Be wary of where these people are, though. My phone was drop-shipped from China, and it was slightly damaged in transit.

Price for AT-320?


There are IAX2 hardphones available which also support SIP and H323.

The phone comes with a firmware for each of these protocols, so you can upload the firmware for IAX2 if you want to use it as an IAX2 hardphone.

Im looking at globaliptel G300…