What neat things can I do with Asterisk? (eg. trivia, etc)

I’m looking to setup Asterisk (using TrixBox probably) for geeky home use and for the sole purpose of doing “neat things”. So, what neat stuff can I do with Asterisk?

I have ideas of having a call-in driving directions system (if I’m lost somewhere) or perhaps a call-in (multiplayer?) Trivia system.

Does anything like this exist? Where can I find “neat” things to do with TrixBox/Asterisk?

i plan on having a weather reader, since i’m always nowhere near a computer or TV when the weather turns crappy.

i’ll also put in some sort of dictation/send to email program, so that i can call in reminders to myself and have them delivered to my email…some sort of speech-to-text would be cool as well.

eventual integration with a home security system would be a VERY useful setup - my security system can call me and tell me exactly what is happening, as well as let me change settings, turn lights on and off, etc…THIS is where asterisk’s flexibility would really shine. complete home automation from your phone…

i’m definitely putting the lyrics to louie-louie in somewhere just for kicks.

otherwise, most of the stuff i’ll be doing will be external to the server - callerID pops on all my computers (especially my HTPC - have it pause the movie and pop callerID on my projector - i should be able to take the call over a speakerphone in my home theater…how cool is that) and crap like that.

most of the things i will do will also be so that i can demo asterisk to prospective clients - set up an astlinux usb drive and be able to turn any relatively modern computer into a soft-pbx.

this could turn into an interesting thread, and i’m sure there are some very cool things that have been done…

Interesting stuff - I was in class with a guy that connected his Myth-TV system to his * box so he could call in and get a listing of everything that had been recorded and what was going to be recorded, then make changes to those if he liked!

some neat/geeky things i’ve done with mine …

integrated bluetooth detection so that incoming calls go straight to VM instead of ringing when both my BT headset and mobile are out of range.

extensions so that i can switch on/off the motion detection cameras on the house.

when a “known” caller rings and no-one answers (or they get ignored !!), they get a message like "Hi Andy, can’t take your call … " … freaks people out the first time they get it.

just working on running a gate closure system for a client … dial xx1 to open gate, xx2 to close, xx3 to open and close with 2 minute delay etc etc.


iax softphone, with tons of COOL features…

u can really play…control x10 stuff, ser / lpt apps on computer…

Well I can’t say I’ve configured my phone to be able to dial *2 and activate my remote start and open my car door for me just yet or engage auto-feeder to feed my fish…but did make a little app for dynamic remote calling setting dialed and caller ID.

Inital purpose was if I didn’t have my cell phone or something and you had to use a payphone to call someone. If you call someone you know, not only do you need change on you but if you call the person and they don’t reconize they just may not answer. You have a 50/50 chance if they have a answering maching because you can scream and yell “I know you’re there, pick up!”… but if they have VM, your SOL.

So, what I did was create a simple app where in the unlikely event that were to happen, I can call my toll free number, enter the number I want to call, and yes set the caller ID to display whatever I want. You’ll need a wholesale carrier like Gafachi to do this, but works great. I since then turned this feature into a demo to show people… now it’s a small IVR of me saying this is what it does and blah blah, enter the 10 digit number you want to call, then says enter the caller ID you want displayed… then says more cheesey stuff and demonstration executes.

Here’s how to do it if you’re interested… Although VoIP isn’t regulated so much now, that is changing and be sure you’re familar with the FCC regulations about caller ID. This is just for something “cool” to show friends and gain experience with dynamic real-time variables.

Some of the neat things I am working on here and also some future plans.

We currently have a Asterisk Box set up here that has Ham Radio ports connected. A person can dial in via radio or phone and then dial radio nodes all around the world. The system supports full and half duplex connections. And is compatible with All_Star, EchoLink, IRLP, & D-Star. (Although we boycot the last two for obvious reasons).

We also have obtained 2x G-Tel 909 (Star Telephone Co. Model 909) Desktop payphones from America. The novelty here is that people can place call’s all over the world using the old style payphone system’s via VoIP. We have some USA Quarters, but it just so happens that the modern Australian 10 cent piece is the same shape size and weight as the American quarter / 25 cent piece. :smile:

ProjectMF. There is a big interest in the hacker community in experiencing the old school phone phreaking days. ProjectMF is an adaption of Asterisk to allow all the traditional MF signaling to work so that people can Blue Box etc.

We are also currently working on trying to procure some full size street payphones from the USA. These can often be had brand new for as little as USD$25 as they are being phased out there. Unfortunately USPS have dropped International Surface Mail and at 52 pounds weight AirMail is far to expensive.

We are having problems getting Asterisk set up correctly with the two desktop payphones for detection of incoming calls. If you can help, please contact me. Incoming works fine on a normal ATA so it must be a signaling setting for the TDM400P card I would think ???

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed my little rant on the fun we are having with Asterisk here.

~ Ken - vk4akp ~

There are lots weather scripts out there. I have built a script that integrates with mythtv and I can call in and set recording times. I use a wakeup call script, if you do a search on google you can find lots of scripts to play with.