Building a home phone system for fun

O.K. I installed asterisk about a year ago and all went well and I downloaded a few softphones on some desktops(kids rooms) around the house and configured them so I could call their computer and or leave them a message etc etc.

My question is what else can I do with it.

It seems like everytime I turn around another internet provider is offering some VOIP solution. Can I do something like this VOIP the internet providers are wanting to sell me. I have heard of sip accounts not sure how they work or what other equipment I might need.

Anyway that is my question and hope maybe there are some idea’s out there.
Put me to work reading or on some tutorials…

Yes, you can use Asterisk with itsp (internet telephony service providers) as long as they support sip, iax2 or h323, sip is the most used; they’ll give you an user account to let Asterisk act as a client to their system, then define a sip friend (sometime called trunk) and configure the dialplan in Asterisk and you will be able to call to the outside world through internet, using the phones connected to Asterisk.


Marco Bruni

Cool I start checking on that.

Let me ask you this,

What if I had an asterisk box at my house and one at my parents house, could I connect those boxes up to be a mini system where I could call over the internet.

I have been playing around also with the skype and video, which works pretty cool, can asterisks do something similiar. I know there is some stuff on the linux desktop that allows you to use video (which I never can get to work), thanks for the response…

Yes, you can.

Yes, you should be able to do this too, using video enabled softphones and activating video support in Asterisk.


Marco Bruni