What linux distro is better for Asterisk?

[color=darkblue]hi , i’m so new in Asterisk i’d like to know what linux distribution is the best option to work with Asterisk??? please aswer me soon thank you so much[/color]

Many distros work well, but Centos is arguably the best for long term use.

All the systems we deploy are based on FC7 or CentOS.

Personally I use CentOS and Debian … tend to find less issues with getting things working first time on CentOS, but I’ve always been a Debian fan.

I use the opensuse distro and except for some minor problem with zaptel, on older versions of this distro, everything is works well.


Marco Bruni

we’ve tested centos 5.0 and is in production server now. working great!

Ive got 2 systems running on Fedora Core 7 and they’re purring like kittens.

Although CentOS 5 is also good.