What is happening with Asterisk 1.4?

I would like to request some feedback about Asterisk 1.4. My experience is not positive at all. I have a network of some 10 users, all of them with Sipura/Linksys ATAs and a few hardphones, also Linksys.

As soon as I upgraded to 1.4, I am having many failures. I used to send outbound calls through a Cisco AS-5300 under 1.2 but under 1.4 only some of the ATAs can place those calls. Sometimes the problem is unidirectional voice.

Is 1.4 working well for you folks out there? How come there were 2 releases of 1.2.x in February, after 1.4 was released on December 26?

I am considering downgrading to 1.2.

Thanks for your kind assistance,

-Ramon F Herrera

There has been 1.2.x releases due to bug fixes and new hardware support. Keep in mind 1.4.0 is the first release on the 1.4 base code and is probably still going to contain many bugs.

The bug tracker has been pretty busy. I would wait a little while before using 1.4