Asterisk v1.4 on the horizon

[quote=“Olle Johansson”]* Asterisk 1.4 on the horizon

Asterisk 1.4 is now taking shape. There is still a lot of work to be done, but not really by developers, but by you, the Asterisk user community. We need your help testing the beta releases that will soon be coming out on While waiting, download the svn trunk by following instructions from and test that version. Among the new features are:

  • A followme application
  • A lot of new dialplan applications and functions
  • AEL2 - the improved dialplan language (no longer experimental)
  • CDR Radius driver
  • Realtime PostgreSQL driver
  • Google Talk and Jabber integration
  • mISDN - ISDN bri support
  • New configuration engine - autoconf and menuselect
  • Sound files for Spanish and French
  • Improved SIP transfers
  • IAX2 multithreading - big performance improvement
  • Many bug fixes in all channels and in the core
  • T38 passthrough support
  • Improved RTCP support
  • Improved video support in SIP
  • Manager over HTTP for easier 3rd part application integration

…and much, much more. Look forward to this new release in a few weeks! At release, Asterisk 1.2 will move into security-fix-only state and 1.4 will be the recommended release for production use.[/quote]