What FXO gateways

I’m interesting in trying Asterisk and I’m looking at some cheap external voice gateways to connect my POTS lines to my server. I’d rather run a external device vs a internal PCI card for FXO ports.
I want to be as cheap as I can get by to test. I was looking at a Grandstream HT-488 HT488 1 FXO Gateway 1 FXS Port on fleabay for like 60 bucks, will this hardware work or is there something cheaper and more compatible?

No one has ever used a external voice gateway?


Yes, BUT you keep using the word [quote]cheap[/quote] and then you mention probably the cheapest and want something cheaper.

In this world you get what you pay for . Yes they will work but don’t expect and not to get complaints about the reliability and the call quality


Yeah, cheap…Price is the driving factor to go to open source, so If it proves to work without tons of constant updates and tweaking, then I’ll be looking at a full scale implemantation… But if the parts and pieces start getting costly, then I’ll go with a product that’s been around for years now, Cisco Call Manager. I’ve used it, installed it, and maintained it for several years, it’s works very good.

So, back to the original question, this Grandstream HT-488 HT488 1 FXO Gateway will not work with asterisk?

What is something with will work? External gateways that is?