Hardware Question

Hey guys,
I’m redoing my Asterisk set up, and I want to be able to receive calls on one line, and transfer those calls to external phone numbers. I know I need 2 phone lines to be able to do this. What is the cheapest PCI card that would enable this?

Right now, I’ve got the X100P set up, and it’s working fine. Would the TDM400P do the job?


sure it would, and so much better, cause it has better echo mangament, better hangup detection. The X100P, as I have read, is not really for a production system, but yeah, it does work. Go for the TDM400P, its way better, worth the price.

Disclaimer: I have never used a X100P, only about 50 TDM400P :smile:

Interesting. Everywhere I’ve looked, the TDM400 has been around $250, but at VoIP supply, I saw this deal:

voipsupply.com/product_info. … cts_id=291

Is this legitimate?

thats legit but notice it only has 1 FXO module and no FXS modules attached to it so the picture is a little deceiving.

Interesting, so does that mean that only one FXO port would not allow me to do what I’m trying to do? (Plug in 2 POTs lines)

Sorry, I’m a bit new to the whole hardware aspect of this.


correct, you need one FXO port for each analog line you want to plug in.

you can plug more than one PHONE into an FXS port but they will both be the same exten, will ring together, and if someone is talking on one and you pick up the other you will all talk to each other.

TDM02B 2 FXO Ports is $225.90 at www.Astawerks.com

Sweet, that’s a great find. I think I’m going to use that. Thanks!

You can as well use your existing NIC card(s) in your current * hardware to transfer the calls to external phone numbers. It saves you on buying additional hardware and expensive PSTN calls to the external phone numbers. As long as you have a SIP account with an ITSP such as voicepulse that gives you 4 channels (which can be added to) for the setup described here.