What do you think is better quality?

I currently have a small business with analog phones. They would like to switch to VOIP.

I can either use a regular FXO like a Linksys Sipura to just go through the analog phone line.

OR, I can transfer the number to a VOIP carrier like Broadvoice and just register in sip.conf with them. Which method has the best quality?

Any one have any experience dealing with either?


from a strictly quality POV for a business, the PSTN is always going to be better than any VOIP carrier.

Considering the lifespan of VoIP is about 10% of conventional PSTN, it has been doing great. The earlier PSTN service really sucked. I would that perhaps in the next 10 years, VoIP will rule over the conventional PSTN services, YMMV.

to clarify, i did not mean always in the sense “forever”, i meant that in the next year or two PSTN quality will be better quality consistently than any VOIP service over internet.

maybe in 10 years, things will be different but the question posed was for the poster’s business so i am assuming he means in the here and now, not in ten years time.

We use Verizon/MCI for SIP origination/termination and the quality is superb. We went with several of the smaller guys (Icall and Vitelity) and always had quality issues and support problems. Problem for you is that Verizon only provides wholesale services. I’m not trying to sell anything here because we provide these services for our own customers who use our asterisk server, but we could provide origination/termination services through Verizon for you.

Thanks for your thoughts…

Still not sure what to do. I think I’m first going to try implementing a Linksys SPA3000 FXO and link it to my Asterisk Box. The thing is, I have one of these setup at home for testing and I’m getting echoes and volume issues. I don’t think these provide the best quality. Is there a better FXO to use?

Use a Digium TDM card, much better quality and fully supported by Digium.

These cards will have good enough quality to implement into a business location? Because so far, the Linksys FXO sounds like complete crap. It has poor voice quality, it echoes, it doesn’t stop ringing if the remote caller hangs up, it pauses after you dial and sends out a bunch of DTMF tones… and the list goes on

So if this card really is worth the quality it appears to be a good investment. Thanks for the input!