What device for server with Asterisk and Sphinx4?

Hello :smile:!

I’d like to create application such that: 1. User calls from mobile phone special number. 2. Server receives this call and talks to the user based on speech recognition (Sphinx 4) and playing some short mp3s. Speech recognition requires only digits and about five control words. 3. Server saves on its disc some little file based on this connection.

I guess it can be done with the use of Asterisk + ScribbleJ + Sphinx4.

What kind of device do I need to connect to server? I guess something must be added to server so that it can receive a call. But it depends on how the call is created on mobile phone. It can be just ordinary calling a special number (I don’t know about mobile phone technologies enough much - what is the name of technology responsible for ordinary calls from mobile phones?). The other approach is running some MIDlet or application for Symbian to make this call (it would mean using internet connection).

Thanks very much for your answer in advance :smile:!